NTS believes that the highest order of Self Defense is the ability to think and understand your situation while retaining the ability to use the techniques and tactics you have learnt previously

NTS Optimizes Your Training by following Reality Based Training Master Instructor Ken Murray

Self defense situations are as multidimensional as they are inherently dangerous. We believe that surviving one means much more than staying alive physically. Ken Murray of the Reality Based Training Association ( and author of “Training at the Speed of Life Vol. 1” teaches a concept called the 7 SURVIVALS. He says that we must survive every incident on all 7 of these levels. 

7 Survivals

Our successful survival of all 7 of these categories is our desired end state. All of our training will be evaluated in order to accomplish this one goal. – Ken Murray (RBTA)

How We Optimize Our Training

There are thousands of techniques and a counter technique to each one. We simply look to teach you how to THINK your way through a critical incident and to apply principles not techniques.

Ken Murray teaches there are only 4 responses available to anyone in a critical self defense incident. 

These 4 responses must be mastered to the best of your capabilities. If you neglect one area you are not optimizing your survival. 

Only 4 Responses

If you do not have a firearm you can only TALK – FIGHT – LEAVE.

Shoot Category

Under the Shoot category we have the 360° CQD technique and we have our integration with Weaver/Isosceles stances to balance out the shooters abilities.

Talk Category

Under the Talk category we have our close friend Dr. Gregory Vecchi (former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit) who has the best verbal and cognitive training we have ever seen.  His courses on De-Escilation and Conflict Resolution are as effective as they are mandatory to learn.

Fight Category

Under the Fight category we have Kelly S. Worden of Natural Spirit Int’l / Worden Defense Systems.  Mr. Worden was the only civilian ever hired by by the US Army for 7 consecutive years to teach combavives to the 1st SF Group. He has over 90 instructional DVDs on stick, knife, empty hand, lock flow and more. His Worden Defense System (WDS) program has been adopted by Military and Law Enforcement academies in the USA and Canada. He is the creator of several edged and impact tools and is one of the most gifted instructors we have ever seen.

Leave Category

This may seem rudimentary and training here may not be something you think you need but we have seen many people in scenarios where the most optimal response was to leave but they did not or they chose a less optimal way of doing so. Under stress they were not able to critically evaluate their specific situation. Seeking a POSITION OF ADVANTAGE and enacting your “4 Cs Checklist”. What this is exactly and how we apply this will be shown in live training. It is already mandatory training for dozens of law enforcement departments in N. America.

We Offer 3 Combatives Classes

#1 Non-Live Fire Defensive Tactics

Learn how to draw your pistol when having to physically deal with a sudden attack at close range without compromising yourself.

The three most effective strikes in close quarters, drills to learn movement and power development. 

How to gain time and distance to leave the scene or to draw tools and move to a position of advantage.

** If students have not learnt the 360° CQD method this is typically included to teach them pistol handling and sight acquisition in extreme close quarters.

Pistol retention both when in the holster and out is also typically covered.

#2 Edged Weapon Defense

How to get to your pistol or if you do not have a pistol, how to properly defend yourself with simple skills to get away quickly and as safely as possible.

We start with education on the characteristics of an armed person to raise awareness and therefore seek to gain as much pre-attack cues and warning to allow us to get away or if necessary defend.

The concept of adhering to the attacker is also shown with three positions of advantage when in close to the attacker. The sole purpose is to end the confrontation as soon as possible if you are unable to leave due to other variables in the situation.

Simple and effective PRINCIPLES of movement and striking are reinforced through a set of drills that test each student based on their particular sets of skills.

#3 LE/Mil Arrest & Control

This course is meant for all of those professionals in the field of Law Enforcement/Security and the Military.

Kelly S. Worden’s Worden Defense System (WDS) curriculum has been adopted by law enforcement and military organizations in the USA and Canada.  Jeff Johnsgaard is a senior instructor for Kelly Worden and this course looks to and looks to optimize the specific techniques used by these professionals across all use of force levels. 

Verbal skills and de-escalation from  Dr. Vecchi blend with Worden’s combat proven physical tactics. 360° CQD can also be covered if students are unfamiliar.

If you are interested in this type of training contact us as the specific syllabus will be tailored to the specific training and mission of the group taking it.