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Former head of the FBI’s legendary Behavioral Science Unit, Dr. Gregory M. Vecchi is a current professor and trainer for multiple disciplines including Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation.  If you or your company needs Threat Assessments or De-Escalation training and certification look no further than Dr. Vecchi.

Mr. Kelly S. Worden is a world renowned martial artist and combatives instructor who has over 90 instructional DVDs, makes amazing edged and impact tools (Travel Wrench & Saf-T-Wrench) and travels the world teaching his combat proven defensive tactics to the Military, Law Enforcement and protection minded civilians.

The Reality Based Training Association was created by Mr. Ken Murray who among other things was a co-founder if Simunitions.  Please read Mr. Murray’s book “Training At The Speed Of Life Vol. 1” and attend his 40 hour certification course “Reality Based Training Instructor” if you are at all serious about learning the best training methods in the world.

John Perkins of Basic Black USA is a longtime friend and is the brains behind some very revolutionary safety and training equipment.

If you are building a safe-room in your home Basic Black has peel and stick plated armor that interlocks (Levels 3A, 3, 3+, 4). They can armor your child’s backpack, your briefcase, your vehicle and your home. They do it for the US Navy, Army and “others” and have patents for the civilian market.

If you are a working professional in Security/Corrections/Military/Law Enforcement please contact us to learn about the wide range of products Basic Black has to offer you. From armoring vehicles to shields to breaching equipment and other unique equipment.

Natural Tactical on YouTube

Click here to see our YouTube videos and playlists on CAR firearms and Kelly Worden's combatives.