2022 Training

January 22 & 23 (Sat /Sun). San Diego, California

Two x 1 day training courses instructed by Natural Tactical and AO Sword. 

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January 29-30 (Sat /Sun). Houston, TX

2 Day 360° CQD for End Users training course. 

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Note: Only 2 spots remaining as of January 1, 2022.

March 14-19 (Monday to Saturday). St. Louis, MO

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), 2022 Conference. 360° CQD Training.

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April 28 to May 2 (Thursday to Monday). Raleigh, North Carolina

5 Day Basic 360° CQD Instructor Course

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April 30 to May 1 (Sat/Sun). Raleigh, North Carolina

2 Day 360° CQD End User Course

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April 30 to May 2 (Saturday to Monday). Raleigh, North Carolina

3 Day 360° CQD End User Course

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May 6 to 8 (Friday to Sunday). Raleigh, North Carolina

3 Day 360° CQD Development Course  $750.00 (range fees included)

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  • Day #1 = Carbine. We will show you all the skills and exactly how to practice them in order for you to efficiently bring yourself up to a high degree of competency with carbine manipulations and marksmanship. This includes transitions to pistol and drills to transition back to the carbine without losing the tactical edge.
      • You will leave here understanding your specific optimal stance, grip, the various presentations and drills. Most importantly you will know the current science and best practices for training so you are can continue to develop yourself long after the course in far less time.
  • Day #2 = Applying Tactics to Increase Survival. Learning how to move around corners, rooms, hallways and “public spaces”. Some people call these transition spaces as we are constantly going between our vehicle and the grocery store or around our homes, etcetera. Learn the technique for moving past or through a doorway or other “thresholds”. Learn how to practice this effectively at home and live fire at the range.
  • Day #3 = Science of Optimal Self Defense Pistol. Isosceles/Weaver & the 360°CQD compressed technique will be addressed. If you are new to 360°CQD and would like to learn it this can be addressed. If you are interested in the Science behind how to learn and how to perform better with Isosceles/Weaver this too will be covered.
      • Our sought after teaching blocks on “Owning Your Trigger” and “Owning Your Grip” will be covered. Also, one handed marksmanship, one handed stoppage clearance, firing from unorthodox positions and of course the ability for you to personally clarify and direct any specific development are always offered.
      • This day is where you are able to add 5 more pounds to your specific weight bar and is where we deliver out unique brand of individualized training instruction tailored to the persons abilities and goals. 

June 21 to 23 (Tuesday to Thursday). Orlando, Florida

Force Science Conference 2022

Jeff Johnsgaard has been invited to present among a group of the worlds leading instructors, educators and researchers at this years Force Science Institute’s conference.

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