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About Natural Tactical

Simply put, NTS offers two things: Process and Content.

Process refers to the method of instruction, both the structure and technique of teaching for the most beneficial learning to occur. We define optimal learning as the ability to evaluate and chose proper responses under stress then to perform those skills to a high degree. To think and perform under critical stress. A large portion of our process has been taken from Mr. Ken Murray of the Reality Based Training Association ( His course on Reality Based Training is the best we have ever seen and his methods have been proven to work for almost three decades.

Content refers to specific techniques and tactics we have seen to work in real life encounters. We are not about any techniques set in stone but prefer principles. We have a method for evaluation which is person and situation specific. As is described in other portions of this website there are only four possible responses (talk – fight – shoot – leave) and we believe you must search and evaluate the most optimal techniques in each category. Our curriculum’s are constantly updating when we find more optimal content ant the techniques are taught with Ken Murray’s process principles for reality based training.

We always evaluate and constantly seek more OPTIMAL. We believe that failure to evaluate reinforces poor tactics. Luck is not a strategy and failure to keep open to possible developments in training and in technique can lead to less optimal.

Jeff Johnsgaard

Founder / Chief Instructor at Natural Tactical Systems

In 2009 and until his premature death from cancer in 2011 Paul Castle the creator of the CAR System declared Jeff Johnsgaard to be the official heir to the CAR System.  Jeff has proudly continued to forward the CAR System both in technique and in instructional framework to his day. The latest evolution of CAR is our 360° CQD (Close Quarter Defense) training. This is much more than just the CAR System and offers firearms and physical skills along with specific teaching techniques to aid learning and retention.

In 2016 Jeff was declared the International Director of Training by Kelly S. Worden for his organization and combatives method, Natural Spirit Int’l / Worden Defense System.

Jeff is a full time police officer and as such has limited time to hold training courses. He is committed to holding at least one 5 Day Basic 360° CQD (formerly CAR System) Instructor course with open enrollment each year to make sure the system continues to grow and be instructed properly.