Live Fire Classes

We offer courses tailored to both Civilian & Law Enforcement/Military

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Most people search us out to teach them the “Original CAR System” as they have heard it excels at filling the gaps in vehicle defense and close quarter environments.

360° CQD is a completely integrated method containing the CAR system and Weaver/Isosceles. Together with the training techniques of the Reality Based Training Association, these courses under promise and over deliver.

All of our courses start with safety as an absolute priority. Our instructor to student ratio is far beyond industry standards. We believe in quality over quantity.

2 Day
360° CQD for
End Users

This is our most basic 360° CQD course including the Original CAR system. This is the absolute minimum amount of time we offer to get a basic understanding of the method and how to practice to become better in the future. Prerequisites include a strong handle of firearms safety principles and a willingness to learn.

3 Day
360° CQD Intermediate

This course it the exact same syllabus as the 2 Day course with the addition of a third day. You can take this course without having taken the 2 day course first. The third day of training offers many more drills and integration exercises. Day three gives you time to lean the method and to move you beyond the crawl-walk stages of the two day course.

5 Day
360° CQD

The five day course is our flagship course. It is for two groups of people. First, those who are looking to become instructors and second, those who are committed to investing their time to learn the method the absolute best they can. This course is a deep dive into the exact why and how for developing your skill set.You will create your own personal training manual to ensure you are able to practice properly and excel.

"Jeff Johnsgaard is one of the best instructors I have ever had the privilege of training under. I highly recommend learning Jeff's integrated view on how 360° CQD (formerly the CAR System) fits within more traditional shooting techniques. . . I recommend Jeff Johnsgaard’s services to anyone – whether they be military, law enforcement, or a responsible armed citizen – who carries a handgun for personal protection."
Peyton L.
Former Military, Current Civilian Firearms Instructor

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Other 360° CQD Courses

You can come to one of the following courses before you learn the “Original CAR System”. We have found that those who have trained in CAR excel at a faster rate. The choice is yours, contact us to discuss your specific context.

  • 360° CQD Intro to Tactics – How to move in a structure weather searching or looking to get out safely requires the same tactics. This course will allow you to discover where the Isosceles/Weaver stances and 360° CQD are most optimal  for you based off of your body type and abilities. You will leave with a solid foundation in the techniques for building and room searching/entry. 

  • Pistol & Carbine – This course focuses from the ground up on the skills, mechanics and handling of a carbine for self defense. Transitioning to pistol and our SHOT (Single handed Operator Tactics) program is included.

  • Vehicle Tactics – This course focuses on advanced drills for firing 360° from inside a vehicle, vehicle anti ambush drills and pairs fire and maneuver.
  • Concealed Cary Pistol – Focusing on concealed pistol carry, use and other concerns
  • Fighting to Your Pistol – This course is not live fire and will focus on the hand fighting and edged weapon options for getting to your pistol when time and distance are concerns.