360° CQD

(Close Quarter Defense)

360° CQD is comprised of the CAR System and other techniques

We offer three separate live fire 360° CQD courses. Each course is offered with either Civilian or Law Enforcement/Military as its core techniques.

* Contact us for specifics on eligibility and prerequisites *

2 Day
360° CQD for End Users

This is our most basic CAR live fire course. Prerequisites include a strong handle of firearms safety principles and a willingness to learn.

3 Day
Intermediate 360° CQD

This course adds a third day onto our 2 day CAR course. You can take this course without having taken the 2 day CAR course first. The third day of training offers many more drills and integration exercises.

5 Day
Basic Instructor

This course is our basic CAR instructor course. Many people choose this as their intro CAR course even if they are not looking to be a certified instructor as it offers the most training. There is mandatory post course work to receive Basic CAR Instructor certification.

"Jeff Johnsgaard is one of the best instructors I have ever had the privilege of training under. I highly recommend learning Jeff's integrated view on how 360° CQD (formerly the CAR System) fits within more traditional shooting techniques. . . I recommend Jeff Johnsgaard’s services to anyone – whether they be military, law enforcement, or a responsible armed citizen – who carries a handgun for personal protection."
Peyton L.
Former Military, Current Civilian Firearms Instructor

After learning 360° CQD

Once you have taken one of the above courses you are welcome to move on to our other firearms courses which include:

  • 360° CQD Integration – This course will push you to discover where the Isosceles/Weaver stances and 360° CQD are most optimal and how to fluctuate between each effortlessly

  • Pistol & Carbine – This course focuses on transitions from carbine to pistol and our SHOT (Single handed Operator Tactics) program
  • Vehicle Tactics – This course focuses on advanced drills for firing 360° from inside a vehicle, vehicle anti ambush drills and pairs fire and maneuver
  • Concealed Pistol – Focusing on concealed pistol carry, use and other concerns
  • DT Pistol – This course is not live fire and will focus on defensive tactics for getting to your pistol when time and distance are concerns
  • Medical – We have several levels of training here all designed to add basic, life saving techniques which will be practiced in structured live fire drills