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1. Basic Firearms Training  2. Advanced Firearms Training  3. CAR System Training

Basic Firearms Training

Safety, Handling and Basic Marksmanship Principles are the primary goals of the following three courses designed for new or inexperienced shooters.

No specific stance or shooting style is biased or preferred here. If the student has no preference Isosceles, Weaver and Semi-Weaver will all be looked at to find the correct “fit” for them. As always Safety and Handling is the initial goal.

Developing a solid foundation for Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Follow Through will all be stressed. Live fire shooting will start with the most basic and advance as the shooter becomes more proficient.

Introduction to Handgun – (1 to 2 Days)

Introduction to Shotgun – (1 to 2 Days)

Introduction to Rifle/Carbine – (1 to 2 Days)

Advanced Firearms Training

The following courses are meant to give the student who already possesses basic firearms skills (Safety, Handling, and Marksmanship) further training in Tactics and Marksmanship.

No specific stance or shooting style is biased or preferred here.  Isosceles, Weaver, Semi-Weaver and/or Center Axis Relock System are all acceptable shooting methods as long as they work for the user in whatever situation they are in.  As always, Safety is the primary concern and training to Survive in a Deadly Force Situation is the Goal.

Introduction to Tactics – (1, 2 or 3 Days). This course is firearms based and typically done with handgun although the same tactics can be applied to shotgun and carbine. Topics include: Survival Stress Response/Body Alarm Reaction, Mind Set, Single and Multiple Target Engagements, Drawing, Reloading and Scanning Techniques for Combat, Stoppage Clearance (2 & 1 handed), Shooting on the Move, Basic Room/Building Entry, Pistol Usage in Low Light, Unorthodox Firing Positions, Unique Circumstances, Introduction to firearms usage in CQB/Vehicle/During Physical Altercation. Depending on how many days the course runs will depend on how much can be covered. Stress shooting is another popular topic we like to cover dependent on course length.

Introduction to “Use of Force” – (2 or 3 Days). This course is designed specifically to teach you reaction to spontaneous threats. Strategies for dealing with grappling an attacker, fighting on the ground, pushed off balance, attacked by multiple individuals, and much more will be addressed and specific pistol acquisition and deployment practiced. This course is a Defensive Tactics course with a Firearms component. If you carry a firearm as a sworn professional or are a responsibly licensed private citizen you may be looking for more “realistic” hands on training to get to your gun quickly and safely. Components of Empty Hand Striking, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do and Russian Sombo all come together here to offer simple and effective drills to take your firearms training to the next level of actual physical combatives. Again this is a Defensive Tactics Course with a Firearms live fire shooting component.

Force On Force – (3 Days). This course is designed to put the student who has knowledge of Safety and Handling into situations where they can test and reinforce Tactics and proper Combat Mind Set. This is done through several Drills and Scenarios in a force on force setting. Simunition and/or Airsoft are combined with inert Chemical Agents, Impact Tools and Edged Weapons by role players in scripted scenarios that demand the student to react appropriately then to justify and understand their legal position after the fact. Safety is the number one rule here but there is a chance that bad tactics or inaction can get you on the “feeling” side of a marking cartridge. All scenarios are designed as “winnable” if the proper actions are taken. The goal here is to give students an environment that they can reinforce their tactics in. Students will be instructed prior to the scenarios on multiple aspects of the skills and tactics they will need to demonstrate during their scenarios in order to “win” the scenario. Pre-Contact Cues, Weapon Handling and Mind Set are the primary focus.

Low Light Training 1.0 – (1 to 3 Days). Offered for Pistol, Shotgun and/or Carbine. Typically one weapon system per day of shooting. Threat Identification, Operating in Low Levels of Light, Flashlight Usage, Weapon Mounted Lights, Stoppage Clearance, Tactics and more are all covered in this course. There is live fire shooting for each weapon system covered. Proper range operation for low light shooting and shooting drill development will also be covered.

Close Quarter Tactics – (2 to 3 Days). This course is a combination of Defensive Tactics Training and Firearms. You will learn how to deal with situations that are not clear cut deadly force but still needing of a proper physical response. Weapon acquisition and deployment is critical but having a pistol in your hands when you are not presented with a deadly force threat, especially if there is a crowd of people or you are protecting a loved one, can be just as problematic as not having a pistol when you need it. This course will teach you weapon retention and protection drills that work no matter your size or strength. You will learn how to close distance and strike-push-pull a subject in a manner that allows you to gain distance, deploy tools.  Edged weapons (both use & defense), Grappling & Ground Fighting and Impact Weapon (use & defense) are all addressed in this easy to learn and proven effective curriculum.

Home | Firearms | Defensive Tactics | Fitness and Nutrition | Course Testimonials | Video and Demonstrations

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