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A Complete Defensive Tactics “Tool Box”
Developed for Law Enforcement & Military

Courses and Applications for the Self Protection Minded Citizen Available

Locks & Controls
Edged Weapons Usage and Defense
Impact Weapons Usage and Defense
Ground Fighting (from the Ground and on the Ground)
Multiple Threat Strategies
Multiple Operator / Team Strategies
Arrest & Control
Searching & Transport

NTS recognizes that there are others offering these same things in their Defensive Tactics programs but we would like to point out two things. First, the training at NTS is completely developed around what works. Our goal is to empower people weather it is a 4hr Defensive Tactics class or a 2 week Firearms course, everyone picks up skills and concepts they can start using immediately. Second, NTS has taken the time to research what happens in a sudden deadly force encounter and to understand the Body Alarm Response (BAR, part of NTS’s 3rd Pillar) so we can develop our training curriculum and techniques around the unstoppable changes taking place during BAR. From firearms usage to Defensive Tactics scenario training we have built our program around Operator retention and most importantly Combat Application.

NTS has developed a curriculum unparalleled in its ability to use the same base platform, movements and techniques for its Defensive Tactics and Firearms training. As we know from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports most encounters for LE occur at close ranges and most Civilian altercations (robbery, assault and battery etc) also occur at very close ranges weather with a firearm, impact or edged weapon or personal weapons. NTS’s offers a single stand alone curriculum to address all of these issues. Our curriculum decreased the amount of training time needed to gain proficiency in all these areas while increasing the amount of retention to the Operator.

From Civilian based programs in Defensive Tactics or Firearms alone or LE / Military based programs in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Scenario training and more, NTS has much to offer.

Home | Firearms | Defensive Tactics | Fitness and Nutrition | Course Testimonials | Video and Demonstrations

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