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Center Axis Relock (CAR)

NTS CAR System Courses are provided by Certified CAR Master Instructor Jeff Johnsgaard. No one had spent more time training with the creator of the CAR System, the late Paul Castle than Jeff. Jeff was approached by Paul early on in their relationship to become an assistant instructor alongside Paul for various CAR courses. While doing so Jeff demonstrated his ability to blend his already extensive martial arts background with the shooting system of CAR. Jeff was then asked by Paul to create Defensive Tactics courses for Sabre Tactical and to expand on the Retention aspect of CAR which he did. Later Jeff became the only other paid employee of Sabre Tactical and continued to instruct CAR and Defensive Tactics courses for Paul at Sabre Tactical. Finally, Paul asked Jeff to blend his knowledge of CAR and defensive tactics together and continue to develop the CAR System. This was made no more apparent than by Paul stating again and again that “Jeff Johnsgaard is the heir to the CAR System”. 

Upon Paul’s passing in September of 2011 Natural Tactical Systems was only a few years into its creation but Jeff has remained affiliated with Sabre Tactical to this day as a Regional Manager and Management Consultant. Jeff is proud to say he learnt CAR from the inventor of the system and has already shown he can continue to grow the system into the future.

The courses offered in CAR by NTS specifically address the advantages of the CAR System during close quarter and multiple threat deadly force situations. It will be demonstrated where and how you can utilize the CAR System in CQB, from inside a vehicle, when injured or where it is otherwise to your tactical advantage. We believe CAR is a great “tool” for your tool box and should not be overlooked especially without first hand instruction by a Certified Master Instructor

CAR System Presentation

Civilian Programs:

Civilian Introduction to CAR – Defensive Based (1 Day). Introduction to the CAR System, Shooting Fundamentals, The 6 R’s (the CAR System physical techniques) and Live Firing Drills.

Civilian CAR 1.5 – (2 Days). Defending you and your family while in your home, car, boat, recreational vehicle. Specific strategies and tactics for being in a deadly force situation with your family present, how to set up tools and aids in your home and car. Dry Practice to Live Fire shoots are all designed to bring the inexperienced shooters Safety, Handling and Proficiency with Tactics up to a place where they are far better prepared for an actual Deadly Force Encounter.

LE/Military Programs:

CAR for Operators 1.0 – Law Enforcement/Military etc. (2 to 3 Days). Click HERE for more information.

CAR for Operators 1.5 – Law Enforcement/Military etc. (2 to 3 Days). Must have attended CAR for Operators 1.0 or comparable course to attend. This course is comprised of increasingly complex drills and mini-scenarios. It is all live fire and the goal here is to increase the student’s proficiency as an end user of the CAR System. 

Instructor Training:

Basic CAR Instructor – Must Qualify to Participate (5 Days). Click HERE for more information.

CAR Instructor Development Training – (2 to 3 Days). Must be a currently certified CAR instructor to attend. These courses run with specific topics and the exact curriculum depends on the audience, their level of knowledge and ability and the amount of time for the training. Please inquire if you are interested in furthering your training as a CAR Instructor.

Further CAR Based Training:

CAR “Use of Force” – This course is much like the Introduction to Use of Force program but we will also address the CAR System for the CQB shooting.

CAR Force on Force – Defensive Tactics Close Quarters based (3 Days). This course is much like our ‘regular’ Force on Force course but the emphasis here is the proper application of the CAR System in spontaneous deadly force assaults. The typical scenarios will involve small spaces such as stairwells, elevators, being car jacked, multiple threats, target discrimination, pre-attack cues and more

All 5 & NTS 1

Pictured above are CAR Velcro patches.  The significance of the letters “B”, “H” and “B/H” are well known to those who have taken a CAR System firearms course from NTS. 

What you may not know is what the various colors represent.  Green is for those who graduated a 2 Day school, Black is a 5 day school, Red/White is a Basic CAR Instructor (certified by Jeff at NTS), Red/Gold is a Master CAR Instructor (certified by Jeff at NTS).

There are few people who have reached the Red/White Basic Instructor Level and very, very few who have attained the Red/Gold Master Instructor Level. 

Patches are $10.00 each (unless it is already included in the course package you purchased) but, you must first be a successful graduate from the corresponding NTS course.

Coin 1 1

Here is a challenge coin we had made up at NTS to pay tribute to the Late Paul Castle.  No one gets a coin for free.  When you are ready to commit to the concept and the group of people who are not concerned with techniques and ego but just on what works and constantly striving to improve you can purchase a coin.  Once you "buy in" by purchasing a coin you - in following challenge coin traditions - have the coin on you at gatherings and if not may be obliged to provide refreshments. 

Coins are $20.00 US each plus s&h.


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